Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Post!

Welcome to my new and improved blog! I decided to move my diary here for a number of reasons not the least of which are the better visuals associated with using this Google site!

So here's my first post!

I just finished my first week of Medical Biochemistry and what can I say? I LOVE the class but I'm not too fond of the MCAT style exam questions.

As for my research gig, I really LOVE working with patients and it's so good to be able to have so many minority patients. In fact, I may try to come up with a way I can work there, say 10 hours/week because I like the job so much. As for the stuff outside of the actual job, I'm handling that like a pro too which basically means I haven't given any thought to how angry I was about my working situation since my last post. I simply see it as life and only shared it with you guys to give the folks without much working experience a glimpse of what things can be like.

Because I was so busy this week, I didn't have time to give too much thought to my proposed research but I can tell you that with each day I feel better and better about it. What I probably haven't mentioned is that this renewed interest in Biological Weapons/Emerging Infectious Disease has also re sparked an interest in Forensic Pathology. Ironically, this was my first career choice when I gradated high school, a fact I forgot until I reviewed my yearbook a few months ago. In my mind, the combo seems almost too good to be true from a career development point of view. So besides that , I'll be getting back to MCAT studying this week too, since before you know it, August will be here!!!

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