Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I had a very interesting discovery today, so I thought I'd share it. For reasons too numerous to name, I EXTREMELY rarely visit the most popular premed site on the web, and was banned from posting after I let some folks over there know just what I thought about all the favoritism and incredibly racist things that are said over there (OK, I said a little more than that, but "others" are allowed to say far worse and of course, get away with it). At any rate, long before I was banned I opened other usernames, including MRM Prez. Well lo and behold, ALL of the names I had registered under were banned. Now after I finished the biggest belly laugh I've had in a while, I said to myself, "well dam, I musta really teed folks off over there", ROTFLMAO!!!

They say you get more flies with honey than with vinegar, a point of view a few MRM members have mentioned to me and I appreciate them looking out. I'm reminded of the last university pageant I competed in, in 1992. I was asked who I most admired and my answer was Vanessa Williams, as in the first black Miss America (I was competing in a Miss America Preliminary pageant). One of the judges on the panel asked me how could I represent this university when I admired her (this was not long after sexually suggestive pictures of her were published). My response was that I admired her strength in the face of tremendous adversity and that perhaps my admiration of her makes me unsuitable to be the university's title winner. With that, I thanked them for their time, politely walked out of the room, and dropped out of the pageant. Now I could have named someone that would have appealed to my all white panel of judges, but for what purpose? So I could wear beautiful crown, ride around on a few floats, and garner a couple thousand dollars in scholarship money? No thanks, I'll keep my dignity and integrity in tact by saying how I really feel and dealing with the consequences.

*** After speaking with my DH not long ago, I decided to edit this post. As a 18 year Network Engineer and "special forces dude in the Navy", he has some concerns about just how far people will to "get back" at someone who said something they didn't like on the net. Now when I was 14 years old, my best friend was killed and apparently it was supposed to be a double murder (it was a coincidence I wasn't with her the night she was killed). For me, I guess an experience like this embolden me a bit not to the point where I would for example, go into Crip territory wearing a Red bandanna on my head, but I guess on a certain level you learn to live your life to the fullest despite whatever may happen. Besides that, I don't think I could really check out before God's time for me and the same thing goes for my current and future blessings. But when he mentioned that I was likely that since all my usernames had been cancelled that someone over there likely knows who I am by name, I had to take another thought. And quite frankly my first thought was of self protection, and of getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon (residue from having married a special forces guy and my 'hood). My second thought was of going to Law school to become a defender of free speech. But my 3rd thought was that no man has EVER been able to take away from me that which God intended for me. Lemme say that again, NO MAN HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO TAKE AWAY FROM ME THAT WHICH GOD INTENDED FOR ME!!!! It didn't work in undergrad, it didn't work in grad school, and it isn't going to work now. You see the beauty of being blessed with a certain income is that if need be, I could move ANYWHERE in the US or abroad to become a doctor and if that were to happen, then as far as I'm concerned, it must have been a part of God's plan in the first place! Sipping on Mohito's on some beach in the Caribbean after a hard day in class could work very well for me and mine!

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