Thursday, April 3, 2008

I wanna dance with somebody??

This past weekend I went home to North Carolina ( My adopted home) to celebrate the birthday the mother, my aunt, of my closet cousin whom I think of as a sister. Man, I didn't know birthday parties could be such work! I ran around from the time I got there on Thursday until late the night of the party, 2 days later. It ended up being a lot of fun and would have been more fun had my sister better planned the party, but we enjoyed it anyway.

My family is known to be very humerous, despite a family history which includes the death of both my greatgrand father and grandfather at the hands of an "angry mob" which included local law enforcement ( now, you know where I get my hell raising from, lol). My family is also known to suffer from many of the ailments which afflict many families including additions to drugs and alcohol, you know, you're typical dysfunctional American family. Ok, so while at the party my Aunt known for keeping people laughing so hard you "just about pee your pants" decided to "perform" a duet to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". Of course, the only problem was that her "partner" wasn't a person (and for clarity this isn't an Aunt that has had any substance abuse issues). Well, we all almost cried laughing at her deut "partner" and DH didn't know if he should laugh or what given that he is normally so reserved and he wasn't sure if she had had a drink too many. I'm guess I'm glad his parents weren't there too, lol!! See the photo for details.

Anyway, I was pretty exhausted when we returned Sunday afternoon but was glad I had seen my family. Of course, I was pretty shocked to learn a few days later that the very large can of beans I dropped on my foot preparing for the party had fractured my toe. So unfortunately, I'll have to retire my stilettos for the next 6 weeks but it's all good. Things could have been a LOT worse andit was worth it to be home again!

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