Monday, May 19, 2008


So today, I checked the preliminary results of my second project and the results were negative. Of course, this wasn't a suprise AT ALL because I told the PI from the get go that we're looking at the wrong receptor!

Dude doesn't want to invest the whoppin $300 dollars necessary to buy the receptor the literature indicates is likely there. And I say likely because this is a well thought out hypothesis, but oh well, I don't have the power or resources to make things happen...........................yet, so I'm off to focus on the MCAT and preparing my application for the class of 2013.

Speaking of my application, I'm so glad on too many levels to count that I waited until NOW to get this ball rolling again. The most important factor in this was my daugher's performance in school and the fact that until recently she had never consistenly fulfilled the academically gifted designation she received when she was 5years old. To go from a recommendation by 5 so called "professionals" to be placed in special ed in the 4th grade, to gifted/talented classes in the 6th grade, the Honor Roll (all A's and 1B one quarter), and a 1st violin player in the Orchestra is quite a stretch. And I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have to have my ass kickin attitude in place to keep these racist from destroying my daughter's self-esteem and future. I'm simply blessed that God put the right people in my life (shout out to DH and the 2 positive teachers my daugher did have) so that I wasn't alone and had the financial means to do what needed to be done. Sadly, the strongest voice for placing my daugher in special ed came from a woman who's black but she doesn't know it (ie she's from an island off Africa, with skin 10 shades darker than mine). Anyway, I won't go off about this again because it's done.

Now that DD is one her way to fulfilling her destiny, I can now focus 1000% on mine. I will have my app submitted on the FIRST day!

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