Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post With No Name

* Originally posted on March 28, 2009

I realized that the title of my last post was the second time in a year I talked about wanting to b*tch slap someone in the medical field. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to keep a good job, LOL!! In all seriousness I tend to be honest about how I think/feel in my blog which is why I do not disclose the schools I’m interested in (not that it wouldn’t be hard to narrow down. Of course, that list has ~8 schools on it so have at it with the guessing game).

So after leaving the hospital yesterday, I ended up having to go to one of the schools on my hit list because I wasn’t able to confirm by phone receipt of my application materials. And it’s a dam good thing I did because my application was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!! The physical problem I had was that because I had major abdominal surgery on Wednesday, I wasn’t able to stand upright, AT ALL!! And of course, that would be the time when I would run into almost EVERY adcom member I knew at this school who all asked me the same question “What are YOU doing here?!?!” On one level, I felt like an idiot, and I was sore because I didn’t take any pain meds for fear of running into someoone looking/being “high”. Physically, it was the worst I’ve felt in a LOOOOONG time. But I was determined, to the point of splitting my stiches, that NOTHING was going to keep me from maxizing my chances of being in med school later this year.

So when I got home, I wasn’t suprised to see an email from one of the Deans that I ran into earlier admonishing me for being there and telling me to stay in bed for the next 4 weeks…..or else. I haven’t responded back to find out what “or else” means nor do intend to.

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