Thursday, April 16, 2009

When it rains, it monsoons !!!!

This is how I felt about my academic life when I got up this morning:

And this is how I feel about it now:


So in my latest string of "I don't believe this $hit news" I learned from the graduate school today that because I took my med school courses graded on the H,P,L medical school grading scale, that I may NOT transfer these grades to my graduate program in Pharmacology. WHAT?!?!?! Honestly, I had NO CLUE about this rule and I suspect that this is one of those rules that changed since I started the program in the Fall of 2007. Either way, I'm just dam happy I hadn't sent out one invitation to my graduation, LOL!!!

Now 20 years ago, I would have bee in cursing up a storm, Navy Sailor style, maybe thrown a dish or two around, kicked the garbage can. Maybe. But these days, my first inclination was to go for a run, but of course I can't because I haven't recuperated enough from my abdominal surgery 3 weeks ago. So I went with my next reaction which ironically was relief, relief that I hadn't applied to ANY medical schools this year which would have surely required that I finish my MS by the end of the summer to matriculate this Fall. In other words, God ALWAYS has a way of looking out for us even when we don't know it since qite a bit of money would have essentially been wasted applying to med school this year.

Of course, the problem is that as far as post-bacc/ 5 year MD programs go, I went from possible being able to attend any one of the 8 in the 2 hour window away from my home, to only being able to attend 2. Like med school, current programs have to be finished before matriculation, and for reasons you can probably guess, 2 of these programs are OK with me having not finished my MS degree (and don't ask because I'm not going to say why until a decision is made on my admissions).

So I've made an appointment to see my advisor who's just happens to be a "friend" of the adcoms of the 2 postbaccs and the med school, to see what my options for the Fall semester will be since there's no way I can take 10 graduate hours of science or medical school courses over the summer. What I do know in my half-full thinking mind is that if I can take the schedule that I have my eye on in the Fall, which will essentially be classes in the medical school curriculum, this will be my chance to show the med school/post bacc programs "what I'm working with" for once and for all, which essentially means that I'd better not let my 4.0 GPA go by the wayside. This will be particularily advantageous since half of my grad pharm courses are considered health classes and NOT counted toward my graduate BCPM GPA. Of course, the rather irritating downside is that I may have to retake the MCAT, since score expiration dates vary with school, for what the 7th time? Dam, dam, DAAAAYYYAAAAMM, LOL!!!!!

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