Sunday, July 12, 2009

All quiet on the Metro DC front

These days nothing special is going on except for regular "life" things. I'm looking at buying a new place and TON of things have to be considered especially in metro DC, like how far is the commute going to be. My preference is northern Va although not too Northern and NO yard! Which means either another condo or a townhouse. I prefer the townhouse option because there's typically more space/privacy and little yard work to be concerned with and quite frankly because it's fits my lifestyle of being VERY busy. However because of the economy, and of course depending on the location, you could easily get a home for the price you pay for a townhouse, at least the ones I'm looking at. Still, Va is a good option because the university where I hope to work as an adjunct Prof is in NoVa and I'm most always in NoVa during my spare time anyway with the shopping outlets being preferred locations, lol!!

In other news, the job is really going well with some of the new equipment starting to arrive. Building a lab space essentially from scratch is daunting but I can't pretend that I'm not enjoying it. The other day I met with a rep from a company that makes many of the machines used in Pathology labs and it's so funny to me to watch sales people with their quasi fake smiles and chipper attitude get you to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest equipment. Of course the small little problem I'm having is that for the most part I NEVER really paid attention to the equipment as far as who made it. In other words, it took me about a half-hour to realize that the main piece of equipment I'd used in previous work in Pathology was the one sold by the sales rep. OK, I can admit, I felt a bit like an idiot for not realizing it sooner (especially since I have a publication using this equipment and would have listed it in the manuscript I submitted), so instead of being embarrassed I didn't remember sooner, I just admitted it, I'd forgotten the name of the equipment I'd used until I saw the picture, LOL!! And I learned that sometimes being a little self-deprecating goes over real well too!.

As for my MCAT prep, I'm pretty much down to Sundays only which is OK. I should be able to get through the entire first year course by the end of the year since I tend to do so much work when I do study. Still, I think when I start to teach the class that's when I'll really see a "return" on what I've learned since there's no better way to learn material than to teach it as ironic as that sounds.

Another ironic/unplanned situation I'm dealing with is the fact that I've had to purchase an entire new wardrobe because of the weight I wasn't aware I'd lost in the months following my surgery. Then again, when my size "10's" started to become loose, that should have been a big clue but I tend not to wear clothes that are too fitted because I prefer to be on the modest side on the job and at school. But there's loose and there's clownish, and I was starting to look more clownish than anything. So to the consignment stores and outlet's I went in search of "new" clothes which was a bit of a chore because I don't like shopping all that much. I also have to admit that as I'm getting older I have a through understanding of how/why it's so difficult to maintain a certain weight. I've had to reprogram my metabolism which was a feat all in itself, but I look and feel better than I have in a few years so I'm going to do the best I can to maintain it.

I guess this just about wraps up my past weeks happenings!

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