Saturday, June 12, 2010

Keeping it movin!

So I breezed through the first chapter of Orgo with a 10, but I've been stuck in Chem 1 ALL week. Why is it that the "easiest" subjects cause us the most problems? I ended up with a "7" in Chem AFTER the review which is pretty pathetic for a bunch of reasons including the fact that I have 2 degrees in Chem and used to be a Chem tutor as well, LOL!!! Now, I'll have to double up on Chem 1 and 2 tomorrow to do something that resembles trying to get caught up! No worries (yet), I should still be able to review everything before my August 19th test date, but I'm leaving the door open to moving the date up to some time in Sept just in case.

I also got a call back from a local hospital about lab positions in Pathology and I'm seriouly considering both, although I only offically applied for one. While I certainly enjoy my work now, I don't play musical chairs real well when it comes to my career, and I'm not the kinda person who could be comfortable not knowing if I'll have a chair when the music stops so to speak. So well see what happens, I'm driving a pretty hard bargin salary wise contrary to what some employers feel I should be doing in a so called recession, but recession or not, my skills are what they are and I'm not gonna short change myself because Bush 2 screweed up the economy!!

Well I'd better get to bed, I've got a marathon day of studying to do tomorrow!!

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