Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What now?

I wonder how many times people ask themselves this question, now that I've achieved X,Y, and Z, what now? Then it occurs to me that the point at which a person runs out of answers to that question means that anything that resembles life probably also comes to an end as well.

I guess you can say that these days I'm spending a good amount of time contemplating life and death and that's probably because a week after my Aunt died, a distant cousin died of a massive heart attack at the age of 52. And I had just seen her at my Aunt's funeral. Here today, gone tomorrow.

But today I found myself asking the question, if what I'm doing now is ALL I'd do for the rest of my career, would I be happy with that? And the answer depends. My answer depends on whether or not I had been successful getting readmitted to med school or not. Has I tried and failed, then my answer would be yes, what I do now would be enough because I wouldn't have a choice, LOL!! But if I had not at least tried, and I mean REALLY tried, with NO more half-assed efforts on the MCAT, then what I do now would NEVER be enough.

So that brings me to my recent MCAT prep which is basically back at ground level but back on track just the same. I scored a "9" on General Chemistry Ct.1 in my TBR book. Yeah that ain't much, but it IS something!!

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