Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Non traditional dream crushers

It probably doesn't come as a surprise to nontrad premed students that there are NUMEROUS naysayers to our goal of becoming physicians in mid life. But none are more disconcerting to me than those who are in my exact same age group. And far more disconcerting for me are those who are also URM's. Two cases in point, one of the recruiters at one of the top schools of public health in the US, literally tore me a new fecal orifice years back when I dared to meet with her to discuss earning an MPH to be followed in the future by the DrPH. Or the man who had the deciding vote on my app to a 5 year post bacc/MD program who just also happened to have flunked out of med school himself 10 years earlier. So why is it these people who gave up on their dreams, seem so resentful that I haven't given up on mine? And did I mention that BOTH of these people were Black? Crabs in a bucket........................

Moving on, I now sit at the Starbucks about a block from my home, I'm not feeling well and I'm trying desperately to keep from falling face first in my grande 2 caramel shot 1/2decaffeinated coffee until I realize a couple things. Today is my last official day on the job from double hell and I have my second interview at the NCI for a fellowship later this week. Yeah, pass the damn coffee, the MCAT books, my Java programming lectures, and throw in the Bioinformatics course I signed up for yesterday, this is pure heaven compared to where I could be. And sometimes that's ALL the reminder one needs to get on with it! :)

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