Monday, April 25, 2011

Chemistry for a Chemist is easy?

Umm, not really at least it wasn't at first. Funny those "chemistry insecurities" I used to have as a Freshman in college crept up on me like arthritis in my knees, and it's been quite a chore to purge those thoughts and get back to the Chemistry major and tutor/teacher I used to be.

So I ordered the solutions manual to my old Petrucci general chemistry book a few weeks back,and it's be "on and popping" every since!

The MCAT study plan, which has changed again (LOL), is now to focus on general chemistry over the next 3 weeks, and throw in some verbal and biology in the mix as well. I'll still do those 3 millions practice problems I outlined previously, I've just had to replace some of that practice with review from my chemistry book.And so far so good!

I should also mention that the chemistry review is where I have my first criticisms of the TBR materials. The chapter on equilibrium in the first book really should have been proceeded by the chapter on kinetics which is located in the second book. So I'm reviewing both of these 2 chapters this week for continuity.

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