Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

So today began with some not so great news when I learned that one of my cancer health disparity contacts didn't have any openings with his group and just as I was starting to feel a little sad about it, I was contacted by a PI he works with not only about a gig with his group but about my long term goals as well. Then he preceded to tell me that I could apply to his department's PhD program (in Biochemistry) with my MCAT scores, start the program with advanced standing, AND concentrate my studies in Bioinformatics!

Okay, don't worry I didn't take the "bait" as far as the PhD is concerned and I ain't gonna lie, the idea of possibly having to study for a PChem exam as required for the Chem department just about flared up my "GI condition", LOL!! Anyway, I may do my cert in Bioinformatics at this school instead of schelping to Baltimore every other day but if I don't find the "right" gig by August of this year, I just may sashay myself into the MS program in Bioinformatics at this school since; 1) It will be free courtesy of the NCI and 2) Will come with a built in internship since it's proving to be quite a chore to get that first gig in a new field (even with my experience and contacts).

Finally, the pic above is me at a health fair in Baltimore this past Wednesday. Turns out Wednesday was an all day Komen affair for me!!!


  1. hello there are you talking about Georgetown ?

  2. If you are the person I think you are, send me an email and we can talk "Tumor Biology" sometime.

    My next question would be when are YOU applying to med school, 'cause you KNOW that MD/PhD would be all that, LOL!!!