Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy, busy, BUSY!!!

Very brief update today, these days mainly doing family stuff while trying to balance a "flare up" of my GI situation which will from this point forward be referred to as flares, LOL. The say medical types can be the MOST noncompliant folks ever and this is at the heart of why I'm dealing with "flares" right now. So I have my daily meds reminder now programmed into my blackberry to decrease having this problem again in the near future.

This week my life has/is pretty much the following, take kid to engineering camp at local university, study for MCAT, interview for employment (gigs, not jobs :( ), and study for the MCAT. Speaking of the MCAT, I've taken this week to do science review which pretty much just boils down to Chemistry as my entire study "schedule" has been shot to hell and back now! But my verbal is tight, as in I don't score below an "11" tight, so I still feel pretty good. My review also reminds me of how my 2 summers in med school were nothing but repetition and repetition and repetition, but repetition of things I LOVED learning about. So having been so academically "high", it's a struggle to have to know "trivial stuff" like what changes, protons, neutron, or electrons, when a element forms an isotope?? URGH, but I'm kinda getting a kick out of doing this since this is exactly what I'll be expected to do in med school (repeat that is) and practice makes perfect!

Okay, gotta get back to the books, have a great and safe holiday weekend!


  1. When r u plannin' to take the MCAT? I'm rootin' for u :)

  2. Thank you! I'm taking the test on August 16th, 2011!!