Saturday, June 11, 2011

Okay, I'm not mad at Physics anymore :) !!!

If you've followed my blog over the years, you may recall that the first chapter in my Physics review has ALWAYS been the bane of my MCAT prep. Now finally, after a couple weeks of reviewing just that one chapter, I'm finally doing well enough to move on the other things, after having to put everything but verbal aside to get through this chapter successfully.

Jobwise, I've been everything from laughing so hard my sides hurt to made as hell angry as I've had to think about how the job market is going to hell in a hand basket courtesy of the recession (depression). Case in point, I was offered a job in NC doing histology at an "intermediate" level which required a 50K DROP in pay!! Yep, you read that right, this one company offered me a salary for a job that required both a degree AND experience that pays a salary I haven't made in many years!! TO DO SCIENTIFIC WORK!!! URGH!!! Luckily for me, the options in Metro DC are better salary wise, but the idea that so many employers expect something but want to pay peanuts, is more than pissing me off royally!

Most disappointing for me career wise is that I haven't been able to secure another fellowship doing either cancer research and/or bioinformatics, but I'm gonna hang in there because the fact is that I picked the absolute worst time of year to be looking given all the new graduates in the system over the past few months. But I'm quite hopeful that by September when the dust settles, something will come through.

I also received a letter from the admissions office of that southern DO school I mentioned in a previous post and while I wish I could make that happen this year, I know that this year wouldn't work from a family perspective. Plus I really need to finish what I've already started in Bioinformatics first and not get back into the habit of starting programs and not following through and finishing them.

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