Monday, July 4, 2011

No rhyme or reason

And this is the theme for my MCAT study of late. Sure, I've been pretty consistent with studying on a regular basis, but it's kinda been all over the place, as I tend to be sometimes, LOL!!! Put another way, I was REALLY starting to burn out with doing passages, having done too many to count (and doing well of course), so now I'm going to focus more on content type rather than test taking strategies. And I should finish up my Bio review over the next week or so.

Interestingly, a couple recurring themes started to emerge as I started to burn out with practicing passages. My math skills needed some serious rehab. I miss problems not because I don't know/understand the question, but I'm ether rushing reading the answer choices or I'm not paying enough attention to the passage, question stem, or answer choices. And finally, I tend to forget that 75% of what I need to know to answer the questions are in the passage.

OTOH, I am rather enjoying myself with my prep, especially when I can recognize tricky questions and this boosts my self-esteem and motivation, which by all admission, has been a struggle this spring/summer. But I've thankfully got PLENTY of sources of both inspiration and motivation from my readers and from the blogs of other women/mothers/wives crazy enough to embark on this journey with serious "baggage" in tow!

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  1. This is sooooo true.... I am so excited about a few things this time around in my life. The inspiration that others have been. I have always been the motivator to someone else or a groups of (elses). But now I am really blessed to read soooo many interesting blogs of many other women that are mothers and wives and such that are embarking on this journey also. It is sooo refreshing to know that others have come through the kind of adversity I have and have overcome by the Grace of God....Keep on righting my sister....I'm loving the read.....:)