Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"You could have a long term career here if you wanted it"

Well those are words I haven't heard in a VERY long time, LOL!! And it's especially nice when they come from your new Supv!

One week into my new gig and I've been assigned a project which has an abstract due in 2 weeks. And I have to present this first author project in the form of a poster in front of company big wigs in October. Needless to say this is HUGE and not just because the opportunity to publish comes along with it, but because this is exactly what I LOVE doing and WANT to be doing right now. I was also personally commended by my Supv's, Supv for the work that I've done so far which has essentially just boiled down to reading ~75 papers and determining biomarkers that may be of interest as potential therapeutic products.

MCAT studying is going well and I can hardly believe that one month from now, I'll have the beast FINALLY slayed!!! For whatever reason (probably the short amount of time I have left, LOL), everything is coming together really nicely in terms of my performance on the passages (I rarely miss more than 2 in any 6 or 7 question passage) and my movement throughout each of the subjects. I've finally adapted to working then coming home to study but as I get more into my job, it is getting a little difficult to stay motivated to study say harmonic motion after I've read papers describing the signaling mechanisms involved in CD4 T-helper cell activation earlier that day. But then I remind myself that I MUST get through steroisomers and whatnot to get to the stuff I'm REALLY interested in and that's usually enough to snap me out of MCAT study boredom into action.

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