Sunday, January 22, 2012

Path's top 5 What da' ????? moments of late, Spring 2012 edition

There's a LOT going on these days that has me going "what da' ??????

1) Newt G won the South Carolina primary and managed to successfully deflect questions about his marital infidelity by placing blame on the main stream media for the discourse in American politics during a CNN debate last week. What da' ???, I like Romney!

2) A Republican member of congress had to apologize for publicly criticizing the size of the first ladies butt. What da ???? First off, black men like her HUSBAND, LOVE women with big butts, second WTH is he doing LOOKING at her butt in the first place and third, HIS butt is FAR larger than hers!!!! No wonder congress can't get anything done!

3) Gas is almost 4$ a gallon, what da' ????? We MUST find US created means of energy ASAP!!!!

4) Word is that while the number of residency slots remains the same, the number of applicants for those slots is going to exceed the number of slots available by 2015. What da' ?????? I guess I'm lucky I'm targeting residecy with the federal gov't and a career in clinical/academic research. Or am I????

5) I've got a full-time, reasonably stressful gig, 2 computer based classes, 1 kid, and a personal statement for both med school AND grad school to complete by May 2012. What da' ?????, ain't life grand, LOL?????


  1. SC has a large religious (skewed heavily towards Southern or Independent Baptist) base so Mitt was never going to win it, ever.

  2. Agreed! And while I like Mitt, I'll be voting for Prez. Obama this time around!