Monday, March 26, 2012

A special kind of tummy ache

So I talked a LOT about the colonoscopy I had last week which was heavy on my mind because my Dad died from colon cancer. But I didn't talk about the endoscopy I also had and that was where a "problem" was found. Now I considered using my own endoscopic images for this post but decided against it because it sounds like a weird thing to do (and may be somewhat unethical). So in what was a COMPLETE surprise to me, polyps were found in my stomach, they were removed, and grossly didn't look like anything more that just benign pieces of tissues ( of course, I'm waiting on histological conformation). I was also diagnosed with acid reflux which is related to how the polyps are believed to have developed on the first place. The thing is, I've never felt serious symptoms of acid reflux unless I ate spicy food and over time, I grew smart enough to take a GasX before eating food like that. But I do have a family history there too, both my mother and grandmother took meds for it. And now so do I.

Funny thing is that all these procedures I'm having are only reinforcing my decision to pursuing a patient oriented field of medicine and over and over again, I'm feeling like Oncology would be a great fit. So I'm going to set up for the summer, some shadowing experiences with one of my mentors, a Black female MD/PhD who specializes in Urological Oncology, which reminds me. Its a lot of fun to think about areas I may want to pursue in Oncology. And true to my previous interests in Pathology, similar areas of specialization come to mind like Gynecological Oncology (especially breast), and Urological Oncology because I really enjoyed my kidney cancer research projects!


  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying reading your blog and looking at the histological pictures that you post. I took Histology almost two years ago and it is interesting looking at the various tissues on a microscopic level.

    It is exciting to see someone that has taken an interest in Women's health. I have a degree in Women's Studies and have decided that I want to go into Ob/Gyn and participate in research as well. I've found that most of my endeavors involve Women's Health to some capacity so I figure it is meant for me to follow through with Ob/Gyn and improve the care and education provided to women. There was a time when I wanted to focus on Oncology as cancer has impacted my family greatly too. I guess we'll see once I cross that road.

    I look forward to reading more. Good luck with everything and I hope that your results will come back negative.


  2. Thanks for commenting V, and please keep me informed of your journey as well!!!

  3. It sounds like you've been going through a lot, path. Sorry, I'll always think of you as path201x! LOL. I'll be thinking of you as you wait for the histological confirmation. I hope that with treatment you'll begin feeling better soon!


  4. Yeah Kris, it does seem that way sometimes, but I do my best not to allow myself to wallow in that for too long. So far, I'm feeling better with the new meds I'm on, and still very thankful that it's not something more serious.

    And thanks for you kind words over the years! Love you lady!