Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Nutty Professor

The screen shot above is from what I think is one of the funniest movies by Eddie Murphy, the Nutty Professor. And since I'm now Professor Apop201X, I thought it an appropriate picture for this post!! Plus the fact that the Janet Jackson character was a Molecular Biologist!

So I report for duty as a part-time Adjunct Prof. at a local University this Monday and it's an understatement to say I'm excited!!!! I'm absolutely THRILLED!!!! I'll be teaching Chemistry for Nursing students, a course I've taught in the past. And because these classes tend to have at least one student who really wants to be an MD, I look forward to once again, putting a student or 2 on the right path. Not that I think there's anything wrong with nursing, it's a perfectly decent and well compensated profession. I just love having the opportunity to give a student the confidence to succeed in what they really want to do particularly because that's what a couple of someone's have done for me.

On to my Python class, it's going very well and I did great on my first assignment. And just before class started, I had the encounter with the gunner from hell and the conversation went something like this:

Gunner: "Hey, did you guys finish the homework?"

Apop201X: "Yep".

Other classmate AKA Sexy Italian chick (SIC): "I finished at midnight last night".

Gunner: "How did you construct your program comments? I was really confused by that"?

Apop201X: "What comments"?

SIC: "Yeah, what comments"?

Gunner: "Yes!!!! That means the curve is gonna be in my favor on this one"!!!

Apop201X: With a narrow, snake eyed look, "WOW"!!!

SIC: "What an ass"!!!!!

Gunner: Slowly picks his face off the floor then says, "I did't mean it like that".

Apop201X: ROTFLMBO!!!!!

Turns out the Prof. forgot to tell us to make comments on our scripts but since Gunner had him the semester before, he knew to do that. Of course he didn't tell any of the rest of us before hand, and that's cool. We didn't loose any points. But apparently Mr. Gunner and expert Java programmer didn't have a clue about the homework because me and SIC both did better than he did!!!

Now in case anyone is wondering why I felt the need the point out the other classmate in this conversation was Italian is because it relates to my post. I suspected she was because besides being absolutely gorgeous, her skin was on the dark side. But when she called the guy an ass in his face, I KNEW she was, LOL!!!! Sorry about the stereotyping but hey, even I know some folks you just don't rub the wrong way. EVER, LOL!!!

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