Monday, July 23, 2007

So I have my med biochem final this week and not to brag, but Ima knock this one out of the park!!! Of course, I'll remember not to change ANY answers this time since doing so last exam caused me to go from doing the cabbage patch into my final exam, to doing the moon walk which as you may know, backs you into a space.

What I'd really like to do is to talk a little bit about some of the patients I meet in the clinic but because I value my future in the medical profession, I can't on the level I would like to. I can tell you that after meeting a diabetic Black woman who was 83 years old tell the story of losing her brother and a limb as a young child due to being unable to get treatment for it at the local white hospital (the nearest one that would treat blacks was over 100 miles away), that I had to remove myself from the room after she left to "get myself together". Stories like these about the travesties of living in the Jim Crow South, also make me angry but only for a minute. I know the best thing I can do maintain my composure since and fone day finish med school since anger can suck all the positive action out of you. In the meantime, I'll fight to make sure other people who are interested in providing care to undeserved populations get those opportunities too.

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