Saturday, July 14, 2007

So it's official, I royally SUCK at medical biochemistry!!!

My test was, well lets just say that while med biochem is far from the most difficult class I've ever taken (P-Chem has that spot), my first exam was by far the most difficult exam I've ever had in my entire life!! It was all multiple choice, but often there was more than one right answer. Our job was to pick not the one right answer, but the ONE best answer. My question is, who gets to decide what best is and isn't one of THE most subjective words in the english language?

Before I took the test, I heard from other grad students (all of whom had to retake the class because in grad school, "C's" don't can be used toward degree requirements) that the Biochem dept at my school purposely makes the exams hard. As if that really teaches a person anything other than how to take a test! Excuse me, but taking exams while obviously required to become a physician doesn't help much with patient care as far as I can see. But it's just another one of those hoops that HAVE to be overcome and it's classes like these that make the mantra P=MD ring even louder in my head.

So with under 3 weeks left before the final exam, I've got some serious ground to make up so that I too don't end up retaking this dam class. Funny thing is that I still love it! So with that, I'm off to do more studying on this beautiful Saturday afternoon!

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