Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dream Deferred???

It seems like for the past year in a half or so that every time I put what I think is a good plan to get ready for the MCAT, SOMETHING comes up. I'm VERY pleased with my practice scores in verbal and most of the BS section, with the Verbal section consistently in the double digits for the first time ever. But this is my thing. I'm not going to blow my opportunity at a possible 30+ score because I took the exam before I was ready and I accept that most people wouldn't be so adamant about getting a certain score. But the path the med school is an individual thing and in the end people have to do what they are comfortable with. However, when this type of thing keeps coming up, the immediate questions I ask myself is am I too distracted in my current life to make pursing an MD/PhD a realistic goal. Well see, these days I'm taking my career one semester at a time.

My latest MCAT delay is courtesy of my new research project, which has an unchangeable due date of 9/2/07. This the same research project I was supposed to start on in January and because this area is where I'm likely going to focus my career, I can't afford to loose such great current and future contact by delaying it again. As for my old research project, as much as I love working with patients, I know I'll have to let it go soon or else I'll find myself once again in the all too familiar position of having too much on my plate to handle my MCAT business. So in the interest of putting my MCAT on the front burner so to speak, I'll be resigning that position in 2 weeks.

Family life, MCAT prep, a grad course in Pharm, volunteer work in breast cancer, and 1 research project. That sounds like MORE than enough for anyone for a Fall semester!

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