Saturday, September 8, 2007

2007 US Open

In between finishing up modules required for my certification in Bioterrorism and studying some bu not nearly as much as I should in Pharm, I've been religiously watching the US Open. I grew up playing tennis but had to quite once I reached high school to be in the marching band, but I still play every now and then. In fact, after looking at all of my sporting past-times, bowling, roller skating, cycling, I've decided to get reacquainted with tennis since I can walk there from my home and my daughter who's been playing for 5 years, will have a practice partner.

My all time favorite tennis player is Billie Jean King, followed by Martina Navartalova and Pete Sampras, but since the Williams' sisters entered the sport they, along with James Blake, are my new favorite players. Obviously I'm not happy with their play in the US open this year, but because they are true athletes, I know if they make the decision to make a big comeback, they can.

In other news, I was thinking the other day about absolutely insane it was for me to take medical biochem in 6 weeks along with working full-time in a demanding research position over the summer. I know that decision cost me an HP grade in that class, but given how extraordinarily hard the class was, I'm not too unhappy. OTOH, I think this experience was my first real taste of how it will be in the future. Of course, the thing I'm asking myself is if this is the future I want for myself right now of later.

My daughter will graduate high school in 6 years and when I think about how much easier it would be for me to be in med school after she's finishes high school, I start to think that maybe for ME, I should give delying unitl she graduates some real thought. Of course, I'd finish my PhD in that time, but honestly I don't know how I can be the kind of parent MY child needs, during the 2nd and 3rd years of med school. It would be one thing if I had family support and I could, if I were willing to relocate back down south where I HATE living. But that means uprooting my family and for what? An opportunity I could have had if I'd waited a few more years? I"m just not sure that kind of sacrifice is what I'm willing to do right now. That, and I'm making such good progress toward my PhD right now. I know LOTS of people who essentially had their families sacrifice for their goals by moving, but I just don't know if I could do the same. It took literally YEARS to get my daughter on the right academic track and I'm terrified of disrupting her routine now. I dunno well see what happens, I know for sure there's a Dr in my future, I'm simply not sure which will be first.

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