Friday, September 14, 2007

The Little Engine That Could

Crazy title for a post, right? Well I guess these days that just about sums my life up perfectly.

Earlier today, I got the OK to return to school. Notice I didn't say work because I finally quit my clinical research gig that I LOVED dearly. I'm really going to miss the people I met especially the Black woman professor with a PhD in Physics! She was absolutely amazing! But given the health issues that seem to keep on coming, I know that with my thesis research, studying for the MCAT, and Pharm class, my plate was full enough.

I also met with my advisor today who also happens to be the lead for the course I'm taking and he said something to me that I REALLY needed to hear. "If you keep up your performance in this program, you'll have your choice of what you want to do next". So after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I told him that I really needed to hear that because I was starting to have concerns taking PhD and MD courses at the same time. OTOH, doing so gives me a perspective that few other students have when it comes to really learning and understanding the material presented in class. Unfortuntely this isn't always reflected in my grades, but I think it certainly comes out in my research.

I have my first examin pharm next week and as usual, I'm expecting BIG things!!

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