Friday, October 26, 2007

Florida - Georgia Weekend

For the first time in 20 years, I'm home during Florida/Georgia weekend. I last went to the game 20 years ago, I have to say that I've never in my entire life seen so many drunk white folks EVER or since that time (1 game was enough for me). What I still can't figure out is how so many drunk folks get to and from the game?? Anyway, I'm highly disappointed that as the reigning NCAA footballs champs, I couldn't find ANY decent Florida gear in either Florida or Georgia. Now had I gone to Gainesville, I'm sure I could find plenty, but why can't a Florida Walmart keep some Florida gear? Looks like I need to take a trip to G'Ville to load up.

In other news, I have exams to look forward to when I return to Maryland which I expect to do sometime next week. I love my Mom dearly, but the stress in the air these days is almost cutable and of course, it's perfectly understandable. I've also managed to study a tiny bit for the MCAT but not nearly as much as I should have. By now, I've got the "triflin woman's approach to the MCAT" going on so I'll be sure to shake the monkey off my back before I return to Maryland next week. Still, I've managed the exact score I got on the real thing, so I'm OK with not being in a "starting from scratch" situation, at least for now.

My research proposal is almost done and I have another NIH interview lined up. I may have forgotten to mention that the 1st NIH interview is already pretty much a done deal according to one of my references/mentors from the NIH, so I'm obviously very excited about that. What's ironic is that my work in infectious diseases may STILL lead me back to cancer as both of the PI's I'm interviewing with, indirectly do cancer work as well. However, as I think about the difficulty of going back and forth between NIH and my school, I will have to really think about whether or not this is what I want to do for the next 6 years. Still, I feel darn good that everything is falling into place so nicely.

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