Friday, February 1, 2008

Get ready, get set, jump a million hoops!!!

Well I still haven't started in my new lab yet and the reason is because my PI's lab isn't quite set up and I have to use the space of another prof. Now I've been in academia long enough to know that this types of equipment/space sharing is quite common. You know, I'll borrow some high grade sucrose for my sucrose gradients if you let me use your fume hood. But this is a tad bit different in part I think because of that unhappy woman I spoke about in my earlier post. She quite unfortunately runs this lab. In this particular situation and for the very first time in my 20 year career, the PI wants to meet with me BEFORE I can use the hood in his lab, a piece of equipment I've used off and on for the last 20 years. Now this would make sense if I were working for him. But for someone else? Gotta wonder if there's some other "issue" at play here but whatever, I'm just here to get my training and do the dam thing!

On to other things, my daughter the future architectural engineer, has been working almost 24/7 on a computer program by Better Homes and Gardens that allows her to build decorate homes with amazing 3D detail. Now if you visit our house 90% of the time, the TV will be on the Home and Garden Network channel which just happens to be my favorite channel. It's just something about remodeling homes that has always fascinated me. Well I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree because my daughter has been building things for as long as I can remember but unlike me, she had all the cool building toys that I always wanted but never got. Like race car track sets, Lego houses, ect anything that allows her to stretch her imagination which meant that when she was smaller (she's 11 now) we spent a LOT of time in the "boy" toy section. Yep, VERY sexist I know but that's how most toys stores are set up. Anyway, we're also teaching her now that the key to security and wealth in this country is through entrepreneurship and that means working with a firm until you can own/operate your own. High goals I know, but I'm in NO WAY pausing medicine AT ALL although she's been every kind of doctor for Halloween,lol!

In other news, I volunteered to lead a journal club in another department which is pretty exciting. I'm a little rusty with my public speaking skills so this is a way to get me back into practice for those meetings I'll be presenting at next year (Ok, that's a little premature, but you have to be positive, right?). Related to this, I'm sitting in on a course on how to read a paper something I thought I had down pat, but I've learned so much in only a few classes. Can't wait to learn more but more than that, apply what I've learned.

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