Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In the lab, FINALLY!!!!!

As the title says, I'm finally back in the lab and it's unfortunate that I have to spend a part of my day with a miserable person but you know, miserable people are EVERYWHERE, lol! I've also thought of some additional experiments I can do which should allow me to be able to generate some really good data which essentially translates into an abstract/publication by early next year, assuming of course, I don't get scooped.

I think I've finally find my groove so to speak, a balance between classes, studying for the MCAT, and reading papers/doing research. It's exhausting of course, but I find being on campus invigorating, that is until I'm driving home when the dam I'm tired attitude sinks in.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I would be shadowing during sign out/conferences of our path department, but I never got around to it last semester. Today, I learned that I still have that permission and lo and behold, my old boss from the NIH will be leading the conference. Ironically, she doesn't have a clue as to what I've been up to since she never returned any of my emails updating her (there's a big difference between a boss, and advisor, and a mentor) but she did me right while I was at the NIH, so I have no complaints (and I have a new mentor in Path at my curent school). Plus looking back, I didn't have a clear vision of how I would get to where I am now (although I never lost track of where I wanted to be)because I needed to focus on getting my daughter to a stronger place academically(missioned accomplished, from a special ed
"recommendation" in 4th grade despite making the honor 2X, to GT in Middle school. I'll speak more about this BS in a future post).

At any rate, I'll be back on Friday when I'll 1) Have some results back from my lab experiments and 2) Have attended my first Path conference in a long while!!!

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