Friday, February 22, 2008

A story only a cat lover could love and other things

Ok, so now I live in a home with 2 cats and so these past 2 weeks have been quite interesting. First, we keep the cats "primary" quarters separate and it looks as though it's gonna stay that way permanently. The older cat isn't used to being around other cats, so she guards the door to keep the baby cat out. On Thursday, the older cat decided to venture over to the baby's territory (the master's suite) which I don't think went over too well. In an effort to I guess "mark her territory" even thought she's spayed, the baby urinated ALL over the bed and took a crap right in the doorway to the master's suite. After I washed all linens, cleaned/lysoled the mattress, cleaned the floor, and put the baby in time out (after putting her nose close to her mess), I almost cried laughing at the idea of it all. Can you imagine how interesting a place the world would be to live in if humans handled things this way?

In other news, my work with the post doc who is supposed to be training me is quickly coming to an end. I'm not one for games, tricks, or frequently being in the company of trifling folks. And since my daughter is in the lab more than she is, I figured I'd better hook up with some of the more productive in our lab group. And that's exactly what I've done. I've forged ahead with my experiments and expect to have some data to present at our next lab meeting next week. Nope, I won't stand still long enough for grass to grow under my feet, no way, no how!! And in the process, I've made some new professional connections with folks who seem as though they'll be there for me when needed. Man, am I in a good lab group or what?!?!?!?

On the MCAT front, I've decided to fit the study in when I can. I'll have a month and a half before I return to med school this summer, so I will likely use that time to wrap any loose ends with my MCAT studying which will be quite a bit of work. I have to say that my preference would be to have ONLY that to study for but right now, that's simply not realistic. However, I'll continue to do something even if it's only a few verbal passages/week.

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