Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Age ain't nothing but a number??

The hell it ain't! I've had 3 adcoms tell me and another one hint that there is a real perception out there that a 40+ year old person is too old for med school, yet folks want to walk around like I didn't hear what I heard? For crying out loud, how much more plain does it get than this?

Now, I'm not trippin' because quite frankly discrimination isn't a new thing in my life but the idea that people think it's not real is dumbfounding. And since my advisor was one of the folks who admitted that age discrimination DOES exist, I'm not upset because I know he would never do or say anything to dissuade me from my career goals. But as my advisor, it IS his job to make sure I go into this process with my eyes wide open! The adcom that's a personal confidant? This person just came out and said, that post bacc prgram thinks your too old, so for me it doesn't get any clearer than this.

So now the question becomes, whatcha gonna do? Well my answer is the same thing I do when I think either my race (FAR, FAR less likely), or my gender (FAR, FAR more likely), is an issue, I just suck it up and keep it moving, doubling my efforts along the way. So since it looks like my age is now another added factor, I'll have to triple my efforts, LOL!!!

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