Thursday, April 30, 2009

MCAT Part Deux + Cinco - Day 1

BIG, HUMUNGOUS, shout out to my girl LP! Our convo did far more than you know.............

So as the title indicates, I'm studying again, for the 7th time for the MCAT. What's different now? I'm also repeating ALL the MCAT preq. courses except Bio I and II and I'm also going to repeat EK immiediately there after. Again, I have no rational explination for why I didn't do this the first time because clearly this would have helped me significantly. All I can say is I'm doing it now and moving forward.

Yesterday, I completed the first 2 Chemistry lectures and today I started O.Chem lecture 1. The resource I'm using is from MIT, is ALL online, and found here:

Chemistry I and II is taught in one class which suits me just fine since I feel my backgound sufficiently prepares me to handle this. I am of course, dreding the Physicas review and I'm saving that for last.

My tentative plan is to complete Chem, and OChem in May, Physics 1 and 2 in June (wishful thinking) and do EK in July, with an MCAT date of the first week in August. But I'm almost certain that my Physics review is going to splill over into July which is OK since I should be crusing real good by then. I'm also going to do some AMCAS test question during my subject review so I think I can say for the first time in my MCAT testing life that my preparation is going to be as through as I can possibly make it.

Moving on, it looks like I may have another surgical procedure in my future since health wise things aren't all that great with me these days, so again I think it's safe to say that things really do happen they way they do for a reason. There are some nonsurgical treatment options which involve hormones which I'm not too particular about since I have a family history of breast cancer. So the backdrop of my MCAT prep will be thinking and researching my treatment options with the goal of getting myself close to 100% by the time I take the MCAT in August. Obviously health comes first so I'm not planning on putting this off as I did before.

Finally, in the course of talking to my friend LP I realized one thing and that is going for a PhD as a conselation prize to medical school would be a terrible idea. Why? I try to think of worst case scenarios and for me, the worst thing that could happen in graduate school would be to be in my 6th year with NO end in sight. Besides being mad as hell, I would be bitter too, but more than that, I'd be VERY regretful. So that's my personal measuring stick, if I think of the worst case scenario of an idea I have and I'm ok with the worst case scenario, then I think it's a good decision for me. If I think I would have great regret, then its not. Being in my 6th year in medical school would so NOT be a problem for me because unlike PhD programs, there is a real push by admins to get their students OUT! In grad school, no such "push" exists so here I would be doing something I don't feel as passionate about, wishing I had gone to med school instead? Thanks but NO thanks!

At this point, it's either MD, DO, or Caribbean MD when my kid finishes high school. I'll happily do any of those knowing that my goal of becoming a Physican may only delayed. Maybe.

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