Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Black Conservatives, Hidden Voices

I usually don't hold back much as far as things that are on my mind are concerned, but my recent participation on a Black run blog and the absolute disaster it turned out to be changed my mind. Out of a since of loyalty to Black folks, I have in general preferred not to use my blog to that speak negative about "my people". However this time, I'm going to have to make an exception.

I talked before about the party I attended earlier in the year, attended by highly educated, high income earning Black folks and how when I mentioned that I had voted for McCain, that for a minute the party goers turned on me. The same party goers that hadn't done one dam thing in the Black community since some of them left the 'hood. So despite that experience, I continued with my lollipop dreams about how someone with any type of formal education beyond high school could accept the fact that not all Blacks share the same political views and I had some how deluded myself into thinking that being a Black conservative would be OK to the average rational thinking Black person. BIG MISTAKE.

I realized again as I had learned on a certain VERY popular premed website when revealed that I was Black everything I said would be seen through "black" eyes. So it was no suprise that once I revealed I was a conservative and had voted for McCain on this black blog, every dam thing I said would be seen through "sell-out" eyes. For example, there was a discussion about Obama's new tax laws and I stated and I quote "Even though my household is one of the ones affected by the new tax laws, I'm smart enough to realize how blessed my family is to be in this situation in the first place". Now before I revealed my political views, a similar statement went without response. But as soon as I revealed my political views and made that statement again, I suddenly became an Uncle Tom, a bragging bitch, my professional training as a Scientist was questioned, and became a sell out. Anyone who knows my posting history knows that I can be pretty sarcastic when posting (which I had already learned isn't allowed of you're female), but I'm not going to be too many bitches and token Blacks before I attack back. And in my 15+ years on the Internet, it was on a Black website that I resorted to language that I've never felt I had to use on the net. EVER.

Now, I'm not bragging about having to bless out a bunch of ignorant Black Liberal Extremist and I'm sure some of the words I used to defend myself, would have prompted my now deceased grandmother to wash my mouth out with soap. But this idea that because I'm a black conservative that I'm going to be your personal whipping board is an idea that I'm never going to be down with.

The post on this blog that I took the most issue with was the one where the definition of a field negro versus a house negro was explained. To my uninformed readers, these terms developed during slavery and defined the attitude of slaves who either wanted to attempt to runaway to freedom or those who did not. House Negros didn't want to runaway, field Negroes did. These days, these terms are used by Black liberal extremists to define conservative and/or republican Blacks as house negroes and liberal and/or Democratic Blacks as field Negroes. Here's a partial list of the Blacks the blog owner determined were house Negroes: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Micheal Jordan, Clarence Thomas (I agreed with this one, LOL), Colin Powell, Dr. Condollezza Rice.

In other words I could be a "gang banger" bringing and slinging drugs in the 'hood, but as long as I'm a democrat, it's all good to some Black folks. OTOH Oprah giving away 10 of millions of dollars to minority students either directly or indirectly doesn't mean jack shit, she is still a house negro, what because she had Martha Stewart on her show? (Lemme change that. The blog owner said that Oprah is now on the porch (roll eyes)). Now I can admit that Cosby has been a little harsh on Black folks, but is he lying when he says that inner city kids need to focus less on the latest Air Jordans and more on math books? I don't think so, so how in the hell can he be characterized as a house negro? At the end of the day, this type of thinking IMHO makes ALL Blacks look like complete, idiotic fools!!!

After thinking about my experience pretty much most of the day yesterday, three things came to mind. First, I don't regret a dam thing I said on that site and second, I now understand completely why people like Colin Powell and Dr. Rice appear to not be all that connected to the Black community. Why attend the summit on the state of Black America when you're only going to be accused of being a sell out by your own people? Third, I'm going to continue to post my views whether people like it or not, and when they call me a Bitch for having a different point of view, I'm gonna light their pathetic, hypocritical, black liberal asses up like a Christmas tree, LOL!!

One final point is about the election of Barak Obama. After my experience, I'm now convinced that his election is likely going to drive a huge wedge between conservative and liberal Blacks and that's quite unfortunate given all the work that needs to be done in the Black community. Unfortunately, some Black conservatives have resorted to some of the nastiest caricatures of Obama that I've ever seen of any politican and that's not only wrong, it's highly distasteful and disrespectful. OTOH, those few wackos don't represent ME or people like me who are Black, conservative, and are doing part to improve various aspects of the Black community. Yet, Black liberal extremists seem to have no problem ignorantly lumping "us" all together.

At the end of the day, I want what I think most people want. To have a happy and healthy family, continued success in my career, and to make a difference in causes that are important to me. How unfortunate it is to realize that people who look just like me have decided because I'm conservative and didn't vote for Obama, that not only am I not deserving of those things, but I don't deserve to call myself a Black woman. And in that way, they are far worse than the neonazis and klansmen of the world to me because loyalty is to me one of the most important aspects of human relationships. So with that said, I guess it's a good thing that I don't allow political jerks to define me, and take no issue with repeadly telling them to kiss my conservative black ass!

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