Saturday, April 18, 2009

From flunked out of college to Honor Society?

So I received notification today that my department nominated me for membership to a national honor society. WTF?? You know Path201X, the one with the 2.2 cumulative undergraduate GPA from eons ago, the one who really struggled in the first year of my grad Pharma program, has been nominated to an Honor Society? Now for many of my readers the Phi Beta Kappa's, Dean's List making, 3.5+ GPA earners, this is small cheese that probably comes off as bragging. But for those like me with undergrad GPA's underneath the gutter, you just want to pinch yourself and break out the hallelujah choir.

Moral of the story, find out whatever it is that's keeping you from excelling in school, fix it, work your ass off, then prepare for the accolades to come rolling in.

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