Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post application angst

Right about now, I’m feeling pretty ignorant. I submitted my apps weeks ago, now I’m looking through them out of curiousity. And of course, I find a ZILLION mistakes! Yikes! I’m gonna look a little on the ignorant given some of the errors I’ve made, so if I don’t end up with acceptances, I guess I won’t be suprised.

Of course, this brings up the necessity of having a plan “B” in case being in med school this summer isn’t in the cards for me. And honestly when I think about it, that thought is usually followed by the idea that if that happened I’d likely wait until my daughter finished high school before pursuing the MD again resulting in a 5 year hiatus. I don’t know, I’m just in an all or nothing phase kinda kicking myself for having put this off this long to get my personal life, academic life, and most importanly my motivation all in line. But then again, doing someting like this takes all ones ducks being in row before beginning such a journey.

Speaking of plan “B”, salaries for federal positions have increased so now the average salary for positions I’ve applied for is around 110K and that’s some pretty good cheese if you know what I mean. But I have a saying, ANY job that pays you that kind of money won’t be 9-5. In fact, everyone I know making over six figures works between 50 and 60 hours/week. And the jobs I’m looking at require travel both internationally and in the US. My concern of course, is that when I’m at the JOB in my 10th hour, I’m going to be thinking to myself that I may as well be in med school if I’m going to be putting in these kind of hours.

Again, well see what the future holds……………………………………….

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