Sunday, April 12, 2009

Study tips

Just thought I'd share the study tips that FINALLY allowed me to be a great student:

Here's a gem about learning I learned (I know redundant, LOL) when I took Neuropharmacology. It takes the brain seeing a piece of info 7 times, over a specified period of time, to commit it to memory. So as an example, when I was enrolled in med school courses this is what I did, and keep in mind that ALL of this is post ADD Dx and meds:

1) Preview lecture

2) PAY ATTENTION in class and make notes in margins. Much, much, much easier with meds.

3) Go over lecture ASAP. At most, I had a 2 hour gap between when I was in lecture and when I could review my lecture notes again.

#4-7 depends on the class ie my apporach for histo was different than for biochem.

4) Review notes, making notes in margin, of todays lecture that night. Or listen to taped lecture for difficult concepts, making notes in margin. For histo, I'd review slides + notes.

5) End of week (Fri) - review each days lecture notes.

6) Saturday, make note cards, study sheets, whatever I needed to study focusing on difficult concepts.

7) Sunday, review note cards, study sheets the night before the next weeks lecture.

Also keep in mind that I had a 1.5 hour commute so I used that time to either listen to lectures or review note cards, especially if I had someting special planned with my family.

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