Sunday, April 12, 2009

The ultimate Plan "B"

It's amazing the things that you'll do to see a dream come true.

So one of the real downers of my Spring 2009 semester is the knowledge that I will NOT be graduating this May. A change in the medical school curriculum has unfortunately meant that the credit hours assigned to the old courses I took no longer apply. In other words, what once was 2, 4 credit courses has now become 2, 3 credit courses. That leaves me 2 credits short needed for graduation and a change in graduation date to Fall 2009, unless I take a course this summer. But that may have opened a whole new window of opportunity for me........

Most programs have a set minimum number of credit hours needed for graduation, but I've never heard of a maximum and this is the case for my MS program in Pharmacology. So I was thinking to myself what if this Fall, I again enrolled in courses in the med school curriculum to finish my degree?? Sure that would require a TON of work, and it's likely that I'd have to repeat the classes again in med school (maybe not if I got admitted where these courses were being taught) but wouldn't that be a risk I'd be willing to take to see this 35 year old dream through to fruition? It worked out pretty well for me before, taking med school courses over the summer in 06 and 07, so why wouldn't this work out again (of course, I won't be stupid enough to be working full-time at the same time). Now I haven't run this by my advisor who is surprised I haven't yet received any feed back about the post-bacc situation, but maybe THIS is a better option for me. At this point who knows, what I do know is that one way or another I WILL be enrolled in med school courses this Fall. The only question is will that be toward a 5 year MD program or a "6 year" MD program. Either way, what the hell difference does 1 year make when you're already over 40?

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