Saturday, May 9, 2009

Minimalist week

That title pretty much sums up what this past week has been for me thanks to some lingering health issues I talked about in previous posts. The unfortunate thing is that after talking to a few people who've had similar issues and surgery, it could take as long as a year for me to get back to being close to the person I was before. My biggest issue is fatigue, as in I MUST have a 4 hour nap every afternoon after only 3-4 hours of constant activity.

Despite that, I started exercising regularly this week which feels pretty good but actually only made the need to rest even stronger but I expect at this point that's pretty normal. I did complete 5 gen chem lectures and problems this week but I haven't yet taken any MCAT PS exams or done the cooresponding problems in the EK Chemistry book as of today. I've also completed 2 additional trainings toward my biological/chemical terrorism and emerging infectious disease certification, so I haven't been a complete slacker this week.

I did get some good news on the employment front. My app to a gov't agency has been referred for a laboratory fellowship related to my biological and chemical terrorism interests. And due to the nature of the position and the agency it's with, that's about all I can say about it now. If I should be selected, I would split my Fall schedule over two semesters and finish my MS in Spring 2010.

On the med school app front, I've started working on both the AMCAS and AACOMAS applications which as some of you may now is a TON of work especially when you have 300+ credit hours! I've also decided to completely rework my personal statement and have some folks active in the admissions process look over things.

This month, I'm also returning to my volunteer work in breast cancer with Komen and I'm thinking about doing some work at one of the military hospitals too.

Well I guess this just about sums up my life these days! Happy Mother's day to all my reader Moms!

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