Sunday, May 3, 2009

General Chemistry - Please pass the Quantum Mechanics too, please!!

General chemistry from the perspective of quantum mechanics? Well the only reason why my head hasn't exploded yet is because I've had 2 semesters of Physical Chemistry with Differential Equations. One thing that becomes clear is I know why MIT students tend to blow the MCAT out of the water, lol!!

I've now completed 4 of 35 lectures of a course which equates to 1 years worth of general chemistry and to be quite honest, I'm enjoying the through review (which probably isn't a surprise since I have 2 degrees in Chemistry). In fact, I'm seriously thinking about teaching a Chemistry course at a local college sometime this summer depending of course, on what my doctors and I decided to do about my medical situation. At the very least, I may tutor chemistry a few hours/week because I really do enjoy teaching folks and it's a good feeling to see students have that "light bulb" moment.

Other than this, not much is going on. I had planned to do orgo at the same tine but quickly decided that I was about to make the mistake of rushing myself again and decided to do the smart thing and take them in sequence just as I did many moons ago.

This Wednesday, I'm going to take my first EK exam in chemistry, and as usual I'll post my progress!!

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