Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where have I seen THIS gig before, LOL??

So in the spirit of "let go, let God", I inform my readers that I'll once again be working in a Pathology lab beginning today, LOL!! I know right, how the hell did I get back to that? You know I've stop asking myself that question, I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where that takes me!

In this gig, I'll be the only one there at first ie the one in charge, the place is filled with men, so those are definitive pluses!! And I'll be getting paid well, more money per hour than I've made in my life and I've had some well paying gigs! Starting out I'll only be clocking about 20 hours/week which is still very cool by me since I'm still dealing with fatigue/stamina issues. I'll have the option by the end of the year to go full-time, the timing of which couldn't be better because a part-time schedule until December allows me to wrap up my MS in Pharm while in school full-time. So since I haven't heard back about the fellowship, don't want a 2.5 hour commute one way or to change my daughters' school/move to another city, Path lab it is!! And not so suprisingly, my bosses who are ALL Docs at the new gig, have made it real clear that educational opportunities like a PhD in path are available should I decide on that.

So I also had a good week academically, and feel good about my MCAT study schedule over the next year. Taking my time and really doing this MCAT thing right I'm sure is going to pay off in the end.

Sign-out was very cool this week as well and I'm getting more and more comfortable speaking up with questions and such while at the scope. Man, I'm so thankful for this opportunity because I enjoy doing it so much!! This time we were joined by a few Surgeons, including one fof the few Black male surgeons at this hospital, so getting a feel for how different Surgeons work is great exposure too. I've found all too often that working relationships can trumph how skilled you are and how much you know, and in this setting being able to keep cool with a hot headed Surgeon could save a patient's life.

So with that said, my week gets off to the best start I've had in weeks!!! :)


  1. I'm waiting on pins and needles to hear if you got into med school. You are definitely a hero to me. I also live in DC area. I posted on oldpremeds and you posted back. Anywway, give us an update on the status. I check back every day for an update! ;)

  2. I posted a while back the fact that I didn't get into the 5 year program I applied to and withdrew from the others because it's just not a good time for my family to move.

    I exlained a bit in that post what I think happened but at the end of the day, it boiled down to me talking too much about the personal stuff in my life right now.

    Thanks for the compliment though! I haven't given up but I have had decided to spread things out a bit.