Wednesday, May 27, 2009

History and other things

So it looks like for the first time in the history of the court, a Hispanic is going to join the supreme court, and as a person with some albiet not much hispanic blood, I couldn't be more proud (and about dam time!!).

Judge Sotomayor is beyond so beyond qualified, how anyone could consider this an affirmative action nomination nominee is beyond me, but also not suprising. At any rate, this day is momumental to anyone of hispanic heritage. I just hope it doesn't take 30+ years to get the first hispanic president as it did from the time Thurgood Marshall joined the court to the election of Barak Obama.

Speaking of Hispanic heritage, I formally interviewed for the position in a path lab of a local medical school and lo and behold, my new supervisor has about as Hispanic a first and last name as I've ever seen (as hispanic as my last name, LOL!!!). And the first thing he said to me after I sat down to interview with him was that it took him 11 years to get admitted to Vet school, that's 11 years, multiple applications per year, repeated GRE exams, and after 11 years he was finally admitted to Vet school. Now here's what most people don't know. Vet school is harder to get into than any other professional school and almost every one I know who was admitted, applied at least 2 times. But 11years of applications? I mean, I don't think I've ever in my entire life heard of such a thing. Of course, most people are to ashamed to talk about it (not me with soon to be 7th sitting for the MCAT), because I think what ultimately what happens is that you realize that not now isn't the same thing as not ever. But eleven years? THAT would seriously try my patience!! Now I may have mentioned before that the position is with a local med school, so during my tour he took me to the surgical suite where a watched a robotic surgery. Not surpisingly, the interview went very well and he reminded me to stay on task with med school. Bottom line, support like that is ALWAYS very cool!

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