Monday, June 15, 2009

Army Docs, Hooah!!!!

I begin this post with a shout out to ALL military personell, with a special shout to those who are in the medical profession as well. If I had my way, I would have been an Army Pathologist, trained at the AFIP and from what I've been told it's not too late, although my time to get into action is quickly running out.

This also describes my first day working in the pathology department of a military installation which was pretty much spent only doing paperwork. I did get a little work done but because my hours are only part-time the guy training me wants to take his time getting me up to speed. No problemo, I'm just happy to have something to do other than study during my daytime hours. So the first thing I noticed was how polite military people are so much so if another young man says ma'am to me, I'm gonna scream, LOL!! Of course both the highlight and lowlight of my day was spent in the library the only place I could use a computer because mine hasn't been set up yet. The library was fine, modern, clean, ect, it was seeing all the medical students hitting the books that almost made me storm out in frustration. Then I reminded myself, that I have ONLY been delayed and that within the next 5 years, I too will be studying for my boards!!

Speaking of that, let me get to the books right now before my desire to take a nap takes over, LOL!!!


  1. r u considering doing the UHSU program? what is the age limit, do you know? I thought I read 35?

  2. I'm undecided about considering USU although I was heavily recruited by them in 1999. Unfortunately, my ocntacts have since retired but I have aquired others.

    You are correct, 35 is the "max" age published but let me tell you from many years of observing med school admissions and life in general, a person with a solid record and the "right" connections can achieve any "impossible" goal. In fact a med student recently told me there someone was admitted there in recent years who was over age 35.

  3. interesting. sounds like a great "deal" on paper, anyway!

  4. I think if you're interested in being in the military and military medicine, you should definitely consider USU. I could send you a few contacts if you need them!