Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extended study vacation

So I'm still waiting to get the official OK to start working and having this much time on my hand is driving me nuts. No sitting around my neighborhood starbucks chit chatting with the other stay at home Moms, this Mama needs to earn some of her keep.

Speaking of my neighborhood starbucks, one of the things friends of mine notice when they visit me is the lack of black folks that live in my neighborhood. Honestly, I knew that was the case but I guess I never really gave it much thought. Still, I felt like a two year old finding a lollipop in their crib when I literaly bumped into another Black woman leaving a local store. She had on a UNC Chapel Hill teeshirt, another rather rare sighting, so in the spirit of being a fellow Tarheel, I struck up a conversation with her. Turns out her sister was an MD/PhD student at Chapel Hil, but had left after getting her PhD and having her second baby (and yes I can't wait to meet her to get her story). In the biggest irony of all, she had worked late last year at the same company that fired me and had quit. More than that, she was aware of a Black Harvard educated PhD who are also fired under suspicious circumstances. So all of this adds needed fuel to the legal fire I already have going with my beloved ex company.

Moving on, this is the first week I hadn't studied for the MCAT and its basically because I'm STILL waiting on my book. Getting too far ahead on the lectures seems like a waste of time without doing the the specific problems with each chapter. The study guide was OK for a while but just isn't cuting it anymore. Still, taking the entire summer to do 3 semesters of Chemistry is a challenge I look forward to and I'm hoping to brush up enough to perhaps teach a class at a local university in the Fall or Spring.

I may have mentioned that one of my sister-friends moved to the DC area last year and it's been so much fun to have her around again. Unfortunately, I realized that I had let the stress of my personal life affect me to the point where I had somewhat isolated myself socially. For example, when my daughter would go on sleepovers, instead doing things outside the home with friends and family, I'd just rent movies and stay inside. Last night in a complete change, I participated in a girls night out and we had a blast, so much so that I didn't get in until 3 AM!!!! We went to lcoal DC hangout called the National Harbor, had dinner, walked around talking about the men in our lives, then headed to a bar which had live piano players that would play requests from the audience. As a former musician myself, I could really appreciate the live music and some of the songs they sang like Jump by Van Halen were excuted very well. Other songs they attempted, like Prince's Kiss, were so lame they were laughable! The food was good and I assume the drinks were too and I can't confirm that because I was the designated driver. Bottom line I'm going to make a piont to at least once every six weeks or so, have a girls night out!

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