Monday, August 3, 2009

Histo what?

So today I was introduced with a new title, Histopathologist, by my Supv. Now I've heard of this term before, Pathologists in England are often referred to as Histopathologists, but not so much here in the US. I'd guess that here in the US, there's some concern that folks with this title would be thought to be Physicians. Of course I'm not one to fake being something I'm not, but the fact is that I do have a special gift for reading slides which "real" Pathologists seem impressed by.

Speaking of that, I'm getting a lot more scope time lately particularly with grad students, many of whom haven't taken courses in either Histology or Pathology. And honestly, I LOVE teaching. Interestingly, most of the grad students at the institution where I work are required to take a course in Histology as part of their PhD programs. Maybe one day I could be allowed to teach one of those sections, and if I had my choice, I'd go with the urinary system, hands down!

In other news, I"ve done well lately staying on top of my Chemistry/MCAT review and since I started out so inconsistently, I decided to start again from the beginning. That was a bore at first, but now things are going along very smoothly and I fully expect to be done with the course by the end of the year.

Speaking of that, I'm going to reduce my course load in the next few weeks because I've just got too much going on. I'm still going to have a heavy schedule of 3 classes, but certainly not the 5 I'm registered for. I'm still trying to get permission to take a Pathology course instead of Molecular Physio, so hopefully that will go though.

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