Sunday, September 6, 2009

Run Baby, Run!!!

I almost forgot to mention that I started running (Ok, I'm mainly walking briskly) last week and so far I'm managing to keep up with everything else I have going on in my life too!! After having a complete physical recently and seeing everything comeback completely normal (except this dam fatigue), I decided it was time to string up my Ascic's running shoes and hit the pavement. Previously, I'd started training for the Marine Corp Marathon, then I broke my foot, had extensive nerve damage and was forced to stay off my feet for the most part for 6 months!! Yikes, I almost lost my mind! After I recovered from that but not enough to start running again, I started having those Percocet requiring "female issues" and I was pretty much sidelined as far as running was concerned until this past month.

So to be realistic, I won't be ready to do this thing until next year at the soonest, but I may try to walk it in memory of my father who was a Vietnam Vet Marine this Fall if I can. And so far, so good that "runner's high" is absolutely amazing!!!

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