Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dr.'s only need apply!

So I learned the other day that because I'm not Dr., I won't be able to convert my position to a Research Assistant Professorship at my curent place of employment. And of course, I was NOT happy about that! The other rather bad news I learned is that I'll need to work for another 8 months before I can qualify to take my certification exams in Histology. So I'm gonna focus on my certs in bioterrorism/infectious disease, and keep the educational train movin'!!!

I also met with the Dean of a local med school whom I hadn't talked to since I had my surgery and she suggested that I stay on track with my goals after the dust settles on my personal and health "life". Cool, no problemo, I'm already there.
But with the knowledge that my career had been once again stiffled due to the education I lack, I'm definitely leaning toward a 3 year matriculation date instead of a 5. And in anticipation of that, I planning to move to another county in the region so that I will have more resources available to me when this thing pans out. And day after day, I'm reminded that it WILL pan out, I just don't know when (2012 or beyond), how (MD or DO), or where (US or caribbean), but work out it WILL!!!!

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