Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy, busy, BUSY!!!!!

As the title indicates, I was VERY busy this week. I ended up skipping class on Monday because I was swamped in the lab, which meant that I had to listen to the lectures on line. I got through that OK, and had a very interesting lecture in my Micro/Immuno class about how swine flu evolved. Yep, I'm thrilled to be back where I started research wise in 1988, hitting infectious diseases hard core!

I mentioned that I was promoted last week with no increase in pay, but I found out on Friday that I will get an increase in pay of about 10% of my salary, so I'm pretty stoked about that!!!! I also had a solid MCAT Chemistry review this week starting out with "12's" and ending up with "10's" by the end of the week. Lemme tell you that by the time I did my last set of passages on Thursday, my brain was just fried from exhaustion but I succeeded in getting through the first section of my TBR Chemistry review! I also realized by the end of the week that I have to make sure I get at least a 30 minute nap/rest, EVERYDAY to get me through the studying I have to do for the evening if I'm to retain anything I learn and keep my grades high.

Unfortunately, I didn't run any this week, but I did get my 4 miles of walking in, plus I take a 1 hour tennis class once a week with my daughter too. With me feeling very wary of riding metro, I got my DOD decal and now drive in everyday. I HATE driving in metro DC, but I hate even more the idea of riding what I think isn't a very safe public transportation system with people sneezing, coughing and otherwise sharing minute particles of mucus with other passengers. YUK!!!

Guess that's it for this week!!! :)

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