Sunday, November 1, 2009


So now my hair is starting to fall out and I barely have my sanity! Okay, so my hair really isn't falling out but I MUST be going insane to have even attempted the schedule I have now. EVERDAY last week, takeout was the order of the day for dinner and I personally like to cook! So this week,I decided to spend most of Sunday cooking a few meals to get me satrted for the week. I still may have to do take out on Thur and Fri, but that's Okay since we normally do take out on Friday anyway.

Other news, I didn't do ANY MCAT review last week and was pretty occupied with work and school and the new challenge in my life, deciding on which new car to get. Turns out my non dealer mechanic (BAD move) decided to screw up my transmission a few months ago now it's pretty much shot and I have to decide to get a new one or buy another car. The car is almost paid off so that's why I'm considering getting it repaired and keeping it, but I haven't exactly kept the car up like I should, so I've picked out a few to test drive over the next few days. Then I'll have to make a decision which is hard because I haven't found a mechanic I can trust to work on the old car so I'm leaning toward not getting the same brand car again. I have received some recs on some other dealers but when I think about it, who's to say that the same thing isn't going to happen again? Just because Jane Doe has a great expereince with a dealership repair shop doesn't mean I will especially in a recessions when it seems people are trying to get money by any means necessary. Man, life was so much easier when the Metro was my primary mode of transportation!!!

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