Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Please pass the chitterlins!

I know that I, of all people, shouldn't be bragging about how busted my diet was over the Thanksgiving break, but I am. And besides the Shoney's breakfast buffet I had everyday I was out of town (which I rarely ever eat), I had chittlin's every night at dinner. Now for the uninformed, chittlerin's or chittlin's (or "shitllins, LOL) are pig intestines which became part of the Black american diet during slavery. I try to only eat them once a year at one meal, but this year I decided to out do myself and have them everyday, for 6 straight days!

So when I ended up at my breast doctors office earlier today complaining of extreme breast pain (too much caffeine and stress), I wasn't surprised to see my blood pressure be 35 points higher than it normally is! My "normal" is around 100 over 70, so when I saw 135, I almost had a stroke............... LITERALLY!!!! I've heard Docs say it's the diastolic number that's most important, but that was also elevated15 points (which I know isn't much to worry about).

But then wouldn't YOU be stressed if you had driven 1025 miles the day before? So that's 2050 miles in less than a week! Hell, I could'a driven to Cali and really made my trip worth while. WTH was I thinking???? Trust me, I will NEVER do this $hit again...EVER!!! The plan was to take my time getting down there, shopping at outlets along the way then stay over night at a hotel. But after getting up at 4AM to drive those 1000+ miles, I was too hyped up to rest and extra caffeine for a person with ADD is just contraindicated for getting rest,lol!

Overall, it was a great Thanskgiving and there were MANY moments when I was thankful my sister suggested we stay in a hotel (which we did in granite shower style :)!!). But talk about family drama! It was nice to just eat and sa-shay right out the door to a place of peace!!

I got my test results back and got a B- and I'm doing my happy dance because this class is kicking my ass!! But I wouldn't have it any other way!! My job project is also going well and so "were" my other job duties. That is until a Puerta Rican post Doc got her panties in a bunch due to her poor reading skills. Unfortunately, this ended up being another case of "run to Path201X's boss over some trival $hit" when your PI digs in your butt because your experiments don't work. No problem, I've already learned the hard way that cover my a$$ has to be my new nickname, so everything turned out OK in the end. Now you may be asking why did I have to call out her nationality? Well, the reason is because the folks that have been the bane of my existence as a newly minted director are minorities, so pardon me if I take a pass when folks try to always blame white racism for all their problems in Science and Medicine. No, people of color need to stop acting like crabs in a bucket then maybe we'll ALL see some significant progress.

Speaking of progress, I decided to pick up with my MCAT studying this week since I've only got a non cumulative final exam to take in the next 2 weeks and I'll post some progress by Sunday.

OK, I think that sums up my Thanksgiving break and hopefully all my readers enjoyed their time off (however great or small) as much as I did! :)


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I want to wish you luck on raising your MCAT score!

    I'm going to be a non-traditional student myself (going to start undergrad part-time in the spring), and I really want to become a Pathologist. So, I was very excited to find another AA female with the same goal!

    Again, good luck with the MCAT...I'm going to check your blog from time to time. :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch with your progress!!

  3. Hey Path! - Girl, them chittlins will kill you! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Keep up the good work! I'll keep you up to date with the latest diagnostic tests later! Have a good one! - lpressley