Saturday, December 12, 2009

Which hat do I wear?

When I finally met with my professor in the Molecular Physio class to discuss my last exam, it occurred to me that part of the problem I was having (besides ahaving taken to many classes this semester) was that I wasn't thinking about the questions in the way I should have been. Much of what I'm studying in this class was covered in a Medical School course I took ( I earned a "B") which meant that material was very familiar. The difference is/was that my med school exams were multiple guess (Ok, I meant multiple choice) and I don't know how it works for most people, but I don't take multiple choice exams with the same mindset as short answer, true/false exams. Of course, I should have had this revelation after my first exam, but better late than never, LOL!!! At any rate, it occurred to me that I needed to put my "Scientist" hat on if I'm going to do as well on the final as I know I can do which obviously wont' be a problem now.

Other things going on is that like most of America, I'm preparing for the Christmas holidays and have decided NOT to take anymore 1000+ drives, LOL!! Right now, I'm thinking of meeting my Mother in NC which is where most of my mother's family lives. Still, that's going to mean a 6-7 hour ride and since my back STILL hurts from the last trip, I'll probably pass on riding down. I just don't feel like driving ever again in life, at least not that far anyway.

Job wise everything is everything, and my division is getting busier and busier as the weeks go by. And after going back and forth, I've also decided to go ahead and apply for the PhD program in Bioterrorist Agents/Infectious Disease. My decision was based in large part on the fact that not much in my life these days has gone as I planned (though I'm NOT complaining) and that riding out opportunities as they arrive seems to be working quite well for me. I have to admit that professionally speaking I'm the happiest I've ever been at least, I'm as happy as I was when I was enrolled in the medical school full-time. And with all the craziness going on in the world, I've decided to take my happiness and run while I can! What I also decided to do was look at my life 5 years from now when I plan to be in med school and though to myself, suppose I'm NOT in medical school. I would regret not having finished my PhD in that time when it was: 1) essentially free and 2) I had the opportunity throught my job to do so. So again, this is more about seizing opprotunities I have today because tomorrow is promised to no one!

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