Friday, January 15, 2010

One week down, several to go!

When the week began with my Supv telling me that I shouldn't let other faculty run over me I knew I was in store for an interesting week. Turns out I'd given that "negative" faculty member more power than she actually has. And with that in mind, I finally decided (until next week, lol) that I would work on my PhD until med school came through, because I WILL be at a disadvantage in my current career path without it! I know, I know, back and forth and back and forth. This time though, I;ve registered for 2 courses for my PhD program, so there's my proof tha this thing is ON!

You may also remember me telling you about the female African graduate student that had me do a TON of work for her a few months ago then refuse to pay us for it. And I said then, that she would be back. Well in my best Gomer Pile voice, "suprise, suprise" guess who alomst needed a security escort out of my lab? Yep, that "want something for nothing because I screwed up my tissues" graduate student! So it turns out this week was ALL about those things about being in charge that you have to learn as you go along, like how to set the expectation with EVERYONE you come in contact with that you are to be respected no matter what!!! And that's a little hard for me at times because I tend to be very black and white about most things, as in doing too much or not enough. These days though, I'm now trying to learn to be more grey as opposed to black and white, and it's a hard thing to change 30+ years of adult behavior but I'm going to give it a try!

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