Saturday, February 27, 2010

BullyPI part 3, final chapter

So last week I do work for the grad student of bullyPI and lo and behold, I not only get complimented for my work, but I get an additional request to do more. Yeah, Whop-ee, who really cares, LOL?? I certainly don't, not any more at least as far as what particular people think, but I have learned a LOT from this experience. First and foremost I've learned not to allow myself to be bullied by ANYONE else at least not professionally, 'cause that $hit NEVER works to your advantage. Once a person disrespects you it sets a pattern for them to abuse you in the future and sure as $hit stinks, they WILL continue to abuse you. Second thing I've learned is how to tune out negativity and do great work while under an enormous amount of pressure. This is something I've always thought about with people in high stress jobs like Pilots and Surgeons and how they manage to stay focused while dealing with other issues in their lives. Of course, if you deal with situations like this with great frequency, it eventually shows up as hypertension, weight gain, and wrinkles, but if you have a good means of letting off some steam like working out, I think you can successfully work through it.

Other news, I have my first exam this semester and I'm excited to take it! Only problem is that I fractured a finger on my writing/dominant, so I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to fare on a short answer exam. This also slows me down at work but the new guy starts on Monday, so that should work out OK.

My MCAT study is still on track although a very slow moving one and I'm OK with that. Some progress is better than none, and I think I have a workable timeframe of when I can reapply to med schools and other programs designed to get me in med school. At this point, it's looking like a matriculation date of Fall 2012 which is ironic because that date was part of my old username, Path2012. My thinking at that point 8 or so years ago, was that 2012 would be the year I FINISHED the MD/PhD, not started it! But I'm so OK with that too because I've lived a great life in the meantime with it's normal up's and down's along the way to doing what I really want to do. And in the end, doing the best with whatever it is your working with is ALL that really matters!!!

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